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A conglomerat is a large corporation that consists of unrelated businesses, usually acquired through mergers and acquisitions. It is a form of corporate diversification where the company owns numerous subsidiaries operating in different industries.

Senses and Usages

1. Noun - Corporate Structure

In this sense, conglomerat refers to a company that owns diverse subsidiaries across various industries.

Sample Sentence: The conglomerat has holdings in technology, healthcare, and finance.

2. Verb - To Join or Combine

As a verb, conglomerat means to join or combine different elements or parts into a single entity.

Sample Sentence: The artist decided to conglomerat various mediums to create a unique masterpiece.

3. Adjective - Large and Diverse

Used as an adjective, conglomerat describes something that is large, diverse, or composed of different elements.

Sample Sentence: The city has a conglomerat population with people from various cultural backgrounds.

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