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Noun confession has 5 senses
  1. confession - an admission of misdeeds or faults
    --1 is a kind of
    --1 has particulars: self-accusation, self-condemnation
    Derived forms: verb confess2, verb confess1
  2. confession - a written document acknowledging an offense and signed by the guilty party
    --2 is a kind of
    document, written document, papers
    Derived forms: verb confess2, verb confess1
  3. confession - (Roman Catholic Church) the act of a penitent disclosing his sinfulness before a priest in the sacrament of penance in the hope of absolution
    --3 is a kind of
    --3 has particulars: shrift
    Derived form: verb confess3
  4. confession - a public declaration of your faith
    --4 is a kind of
  5. confession - a document that spells out the belief system of a given church (especially the Reformation churches of the 16th century)
    --5 is a kind of
    religious doctrine, church doctrine, gospel, creed
    --5 has particulars: Augsburg Confession
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