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condensation trail


Definitions from WordNet

Noun condensation trail has 1 sense
  1. contrail, condensation trail - an artificial cloud created by an aircraft; caused either by condensation due to the reduction in air pressure above the wing surface or by water vapor in the engine exhaust
    --1 is a kind of cloud

Definitions from the Web

Condensation Trail

Noun: A condensation trail, also known as a contrail, is a visible white streak of cloud-like trail produced by jet aircraft flying at high altitudes in the upper atmosphere. The trail is formed due to the condensation of water vapor that occurs when the hot exhaust gases from the aircraft's engines mix with the colder surrounding air.

Example sentence: The condensation trail left behind by the airplane stretched across the sky, dissipating slowly as the aircraft flew farther away.

Adjective: Referring to something related to or resembling a condensation trail.

Example sentence: The painting portrayed the beauty of the condensation trail, capturing the ethereal quality of the flowing white streak against the blue sky.

Verb: The act of forming or producing a condensation trail.

Example sentence: The aircraft's engines spewed out exhaust, which quickly condensed and trailed behind, creating a visible condensation trail.

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