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common carrier


Definitions from WordNet

Noun common carrier has 1 sense
  1. carrier, common carrier - a person or firm in the business of transporting people or goods or messages
    --1 is a kind of business, concern, business concern, business organization, business organisation
    --1 has particulars: line

Definitions from the Web

Common Carrier


A common carrier refers to a company or individual that offers transportation or communication services to the public for a fee. These carriers are legally obligated to provide their services to all customers without discrimination or preference.


1. Noun - Transportation

A common carrier can refer to a transportation company, such as a bus, train, airline, or shipping company, that offers its services to the general public.

Example sentence: The common carrier was responsible for safely transporting the passengers to their destination.

2. Noun - Telecommunications

In the context of telecommunications, a common carrier refers to companies that provide services such as telephone, internet, or cable TV to the public.

Example sentence: The common carrier offered high-speed internet services to their customers.

3. Noun - Legal

In legal terms, a common carrier is a business or individual that transports goods or people for a fee and holds themselves out to the public as available for hire.

Example sentence: The company was held legally liable as a common carrier for the damages caused during transportation.

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