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Noun codefendant has 1 sense
  1. codefendant, co-defendant - a defendant who has been joined together with one or more other defendants in a single action
    --1 is a kind of defendant, suspect
    --1 has particulars: corespondent, co-respondent; respondent

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A codefendant refers to a person who is charged with a crime alongside one or more other individuals.


Sense 1: Legal

As per legal terminology, a codefendant is someone who is accused of committing a crime together with another person or multiple individuals.

Example sentence 1: The court announced that the codefendant will face trial alongside the main suspect.

Example sentence 2: The codefendants were found guilty and sentenced to prison.

Sense 2: General

More generally, the term codefendant can be used to describe any person who is implicated or involved in an act or situation along with others.

Example sentence 1: The codefendants in the corruption scandal were all top-level government officials.

Example sentence 2: The police arrested the group of codefendants involved in a series of robberies.

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