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citellus lateralis


Definitions from WordNet

Noun citellus lateralis has 1 sense
  1. mantled ground squirrel, Citellus lateralis - common black-striped reddish-brown ground squirrel of western North America; resembles a large chipmunk
    --1 is a kind of ground squirrel, gopher, spermophile

Definitions from the Web

Citellus Lateralis


Citellus lateralis, commonly known as the California ground squirrel, is a species of rodent that belongs to the squirrel family Sciuridae. Native to California and parts of Oregon and Nevada, this diurnal mammal is known for its distinctive appearance and behavior.

Senses and Usages:

1. Noun: California Ground Squirrel

The term "citellus lateralis" is often used as a scientific name to refer to the California ground squirrel specifically.

Example Sentence: The citellus lateralis is a burrowing squirrel species native to California.

2. Adjective: Local

The term "citellus lateralis" can also be used as an adjective to describe something related to or originating from a particular local area.

Example Sentence: This store sells a variety of local products, including citellus lateralis photographs and paintings.

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