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check pilot


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Check Pilot


A check pilot refers to a professional aviator who is highly skilled and trained to conduct evaluations and assessments of other pilots, aircraft, and flight procedures. They play a critical role in ensuring safety and competency within the aviation industry.


As a noun (aviation sense):

  1. The airline hired a experienced check pilot to assess the performance of their newly hired pilots.
  2. After completing their training, the pilot underwent a thorough evaluation led by the check pilot.

As a noun (local sense):

  1. The check pilot took us on a tour of the local area, pointing out historical landmarks.
  2. If you're new in town, it's always helpful to have a check pilot show you around.

As a verb (aviation sense):

  1. The airline decided to check pilot all potential pilot candidates before making any hiring decisions.
  2. The experienced pilot was assigned to check pilot the trainee's takeoff and landing techniques.

As a verb (local sense):

  1. We should check pilot the route before the weekend trip to ensure we don't miss any popular local attractions.
  2. Let's check pilot the restaurant before making a reservation for our anniversary dinner.

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