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change of course


Definitions from WordNet

Noun change of course has 1 sense
  1. change of course - a change in the direction that you are moving
    --1 is a kind of
    change of direction, reorientation
    --1 has particulars: turn, turning; tack, tacking

Definitions from the Web

Term: Change of Course

Noun - Change of Course (Definition): An alteration in direction or path.

Example: The captain made a sudden change of course to avoid hitting the iceberg.

Noun - Change of Course (Alternative Definition): A modification or adjustment in one's planned or intended action.

Example: After receiving feedback from their customers, the company decided to make a change of course in their marketing strategy.

Verb - Change of Course (Definition): To alter or redirect one's direction or path.

Example: The hiker changed course after discovering a shortcut on the map.

Verb - Change of Course (Alternative Definition): To modify or adjust one's planned or intended action.

Example: The professor changed course and decided to cover an additional topic in the lecture.

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