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chalcis fly


Definitions from WordNet

Noun chalcis fly has 1 sense
  1. chalcis fly - a variety of chalcid fly
    --1 is a kind of
    chalcid fly, chalcidfly, chalcid, chalcid wasp
    --1 is a member of Chalcis, genus Chalcis

Definitions from the Web

Chalcis Fly


The term "Chalcis fly" refers to a type of parasitic wasp belonging to the Chalcididae family. These small insects are known for their worldwide distribution and their importance in controlling various agricultural pests and parasites. Chalcis flies have a distinctive appearance with a compact body, often measuring less than 5 mm in length. They have a slender waist and prominent antennae, which aid them in locating suitable hosts for their eggs.

Sample Sentences

Noun (singular):

  1. The Chalcis fly injects its eggs into the larvae of the crop-destroying insect.
  2. Researchers are studying the life cycle of the Chalcis fly to enhance integrated pest management systems.

Noun (plural):

  1. The field was swarming with Chalcis flies, each diligently searching for a host.
  2. Farmers rely on the presence of Chalcis flies to combat certain agricultural pests naturally.

Related Adjective:

  1. The local farmer implemented a Chalcis fly-based pest control program.
  2. Chalcis fly populations are particularly high during the warm summer months.

Related Verb:

  1. Scientists have been successful in bioengineering Chalcis flies to target specific pests.
  2. The release of Chalcis flies into the orchard helped reduce the infestation of fruit flies.

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