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Definitions from WordNet

Noun buckeroo has 1 sense
  1. vaquero, buckaroo, buckeroo - local names for a cowboy (`vaquero' is used especially in southwestern and central Texas and `buckaroo' is used especially in California)
    --1 is a kind of cowboy, cowpuncher, puncher, cowman, cattleman, cowpoke, cowhand, cowherd

Definitions from the Web



1. A cowboy, especially a young or inexperienced one.

2. A small, stout horse.

3. A hand tool used for stretching wire fencing.

Sample Sentences:

1. The rodeo featured talented buckeroos showcasing their skills in bronco riding.

2. The buckeroo galloped across the plains on his trusty steed.

3. The farmer used a buckeroo to secure the wire fencing around his property.

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