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bronco buster


Definitions from WordNet

Noun bronco buster has 1 sense
  1. buster, broncobuster - a person who breaks horses
    --1 is a kind of cowboy, cowpuncher, puncher, cowman, cattleman, cowpoke, cowhand, cowherd; horseman, equestrian, horseback rider

Definitions from the Web

Bronco Buster


A bronco buster refers to a person who breaks and trains wild horses.

Sample Sentence:

My uncle is a skilled bronco buster and he tamed the wildest mustang in the region.


In the world of professional wrestling, a bronco buster is a move where a wrestler sits on the chest of an opponent, straddling them, and repeatedly thrusts their pelvic area against the opponent's face.

Sample Sentence:

The wrestler delivered a powerful bronco buster to his opponent, leaving the crowd shocked.


A bronco buster can also refer to a small, powerful steam locomotive used in the western United States.

Sample Sentence:

We are organizing a historic train tour and you'll get to ride an authentic bronco buster locomotive.


To bronco bust means to ride a bucking bronco (wild horse).

Sample Sentence:

He decided to bronco bust for the first time and managed to stay on the horse for a full eight seconds.

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