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breech delivery


Definitions from WordNet

Noun breech delivery has 1 sense
  1. breech delivery, breech birth, breech presentation - delivery of an infant whose feet or buttocks appear first
    --1 is a kind of delivery, obstetrical delivery
    --1 has particulars: frank breech, frank breech delivery

Definitions from the Web

Breech Delivery


Breech delivery refers to the delivery of a baby in a position other than the headfirst position within the mother's womb.


Sense 1: Medical

In medical terms, breech delivery is the birth of a baby with the buttocks or feet first, rather than the head. This can occur in around 3-4% of all full-term pregnancies.

Sense 2: Popular

Popularly, breech delivery refers to unconventional or unexpected methods of delivering something.



  • The doctor decided to perform a cesarean section due to the risks associated with breech delivery.
  • The nurse carefully monitored the baby's heartbeat during the breech delivery.
  • There are different techniques and maneuvers that can be used to facilitate a safe breech delivery.


  • The chef decided to use liquid nitrogen to flash freeze the dessert, adding a breech delivery of flavor to the meal.
  • The unconventional artist opted for a breech delivery of art by creating sculptures out of recycled materials.
  • The politician surprised everyone with a breech delivery of his speech, starting with a personal story instead of statistics.

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