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Definitions from WordNet

Noun bos'n has 1 sense
  1. boatswain, bos'n, bo's'n, bosun, bo'sun - a petty officer on a merchant ship who controls the work of other seamen
    --1 is a kind of mariner, seaman, tar, Jack-tar, Jack, old salt, seafarer, gob, sea dog

Definitions from the Web

Bos N


Bos N refers to a term or phrase that is commonly used and preferred by the people within a specific locality or region. It represents the local vernacular expressions and language peculiarities of a particular area.


Sense 1:

As a noun, Bos N can denote the popular term or phrase used by locals in a specific region.

For example: "In the small town of Pineville, 'barley pop' is the Bos N for beer."

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Sense 2:

As an adjective, Bos N describes something that is popular within a particular locality or region.

For example: "The Bos N dish in this area is the famous seafood gumbo."

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Sense 3:

As a verb, Bos N means to speak using local expressions or use regional vocabulary.

For example: "When I visit my hometown, I always Bos N to blend in with the locals."

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