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Term: Bookey


Bookey can be used as a noun or a verb, and it refers to various concepts.

Sense 1: (Noun) A small, popular book:

Sample Sentence: I love curling up with a good bookey on a rainy day.

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Sense 2: (Noun) A term used in local slang to refer to someone who is easily scared:

Sample Sentence: Don't be such a bookey, it's just a harmless spider!

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Sense 3: (Noun) Locally used to describe a small, cozy nook or corner in a house:

Sample Sentence: I like to read my bookey in the cozy little corner by the window.

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Sense 4: (Verb) The act of enjoying a book, often with enthusiasm:

Sample Sentence: She bookeyed all weekend, finishing three novels.

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