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Adjective blaring has 1 sense
  1. blaring, blasting - unpleasantly loud and penetrating; "the blaring noise of trumpets"; "shut our ears against the blasting music from his car radio"
    Antonym: soft (indirect, via loud)
Noun blaring has 1 sense
  1. blare, blaring, cacophony, clamor, din - a loud harsh or strident noise
    --1 is a kind of noise
Verb blare has 2 senses
  1. blast, blare - make a strident sound; "She tended to blast when speaking into a microphone"
    --1 is one way to make noise, resound, noise
    Derived form: noun blare1
    Sample sentence:
    Something ----s
  2. honk, blare, beep, claxon, toot - make a loud noise; "The horns of the taxis blared"
    --2 is one way to sound, go
    Sample sentences:
    Cars blare in the streets
    The streets blare with cars
blaphemis blaphemy blard blare blare out blared blarina blarina brevicauda blaring blarn blarney blarney stone blas blase blasephemous blashing blashpeme

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