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Noun blackshirt has 1 sense
  1. Blackshirt - a member of the Italian fascist party before World War II
    --1 is a kind of

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1. A member of the Italian Fascist organization known as the "Blackshirt Militia".

Sample Sentence: During the rise of Fascism in Italy, the Blackshirts played a significant role in enforcing Mussolini's policies.


2. A supporter of Benito Mussolini or Italian Fascism.

Sample Sentence: Many Blackshirts fervently praised Mussolini for his leadership and nationalist ideologies.


3. A black polo-neck sweater.

Sample Sentence: The fashion trend of wearing blackshirts with jeans became popular among young adults.

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4. A member of a fascist or far-right political group.

Sample Sentence: The blackshirt was arrested for participating in an extremist rally.


1. Of or relating to the Blackshirt Militia or Italian Fascism.

Sample Sentence: The blackshirt paramilitary organization promoted Mussolini's ideology.


2. Associated with seriousness or an authoritarian attitude.

Sample Sentence: The blackshirt dress code of the school sent a message of strict discipline to the students.


1. To act or behave like a blackshirt, promoting or supporting fascist ideologies.

Sample Sentence: Certain politicians blackshirted their opponents during the election campaign.

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