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bird family

Noun bird family has 1 sense
  1. bird family - a family of warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings
    --1 is a kind of
    --1 is a member of
     Vertebrata, subphylum Vertebrata, Craniata, subphylum Craniata
    --1 has particulars:
     Struthionidae, family Struthionidae; Casuaridae, family Casuaridae; Apterygidae, family Apterygidae; Rheidae, family Rheidae; Aepyornidae, family Aepyornidae; Dinornithidae, family Dinornithidae; Meliphagidae, family Meliphagidae; Prunellidae, family Prunellidae; Alaudidae, family Alaudidae; Motacillidae, family Motacillidae; Fringillidae, family Fringillidae; Carduelinae, subfamily Carduelinae; Emberizidae, subfamily Emberizidae, subfamily Emberizinae; Coerebidae, family Coerebidae, Dacninae, family Dacninae; Passeridae, family Passeridae; Ploceidae, family Ploceidae; Drepanididae, family Drepanididae; Menuridae, family Menuridae; Atrichornithidae, family Atrichornithidae; Eurylaimidae, family Eurylaimidae; Tyrannidae, superfamily Tyrannidae; Cotingidae, family Cotingidae; Pipridae, family Pipridae; Furnariidae, family Furnariidae; Formicariidae, family Formicariidae; Dendrocolaptidae, family Dendrocolaptidae; Pittidae, family Pittidae; Muscicapidae, family Muscicapidae; Turdidae, family Turdidae; Turdinae, subfamily Turdinae; Sylviidae, family Sylviidae; Sylviinae, subfamily Sylviinae; Timaliidae, family Timaliidae; Parulidae, family Parulidae; Paradisaeidae, family Paradisaeidae; Icteridae, family Icteridae; Oriolidae, family Oriolidae; Sturnidae, family Sturnidae; Corvidae, family Corvidae; Garrulinae, subfamily Garrulinae; Cracticidae, family Cracticidae; Troglodytidae, family Troglodytidae; Mimidae, family Mimidae; Xenicidae, family Xenicidae, Acanthisittidae, family Acanthisittidae; Certhiidae, family Certhiidae; Sittidae, family Sittidae; Paridae, family Paridae; Irenidae, family Irenidae; Hirundinidae, family Hirundinidae; Artamidae, family Artamidae; Thraupidae, family Thraupidae; Laniidae, family Laniidae; Malaconotinae, subfamily Malaconotinae; Ptilonorhynchidae, family Ptilonorhynchidae; Cinclidae, family Cinclidae; Vireonidae, family Vireonidae; Bombycillidae, family Bombycillidae; Accipitridae, family Accipitridae; Falconidae, family Falconidae; Pandionidae, family Pandionidae; Sagittariidae, family Sagittariidae; Cathartidae, family Cathartidae; Strigidae, family Strigidae; Tytonidae, family Tytonidae; Meleagrididae, family Meleagrididae; Tetraonidae, family Tetraonidae; Cracidae, family Cracidae; Megapodiidae, family Megapodiidae; Phasianidae, family Phasianidae; Perdicidae, subfamily Perdicidae, Perdicinae, subfamily Perdicinae; Numididae, subfamily Numididae, Numidinae, subfamily Numidinae; Opisthocomidae, family Opisthocomidae; Tinamidae, family Tinamidae; Raphidae, family Raphidae; Columbidae, family Columbidae; Pteroclididae, family Pteroclididae; Psittacidae, family Psittacidae; Loriinae, subfamily Loriinae; Cuculidae, family Cuculidae; Musophagidae, family Musophagidae; Coraciidae, family Coraciidae; Alcedinidae, family Alcedinidae; Meropidae, family Meropidae; Bucerotidae, family Bucerotidae; Upupidae, family Upupidae; Phoeniculidae, family Phoeniculidae; Momotidae, family Momotidae; Todidae, family Todidae; Apodidae, family Apodidae; Hemiprocnidae, family Hemiprocnidae; Trochilidae, family Trochilidae; Caprimulgidae, family Caprimulgidae; Podargidae, family Podargidae; Steatornithidae, family Steatornithidae; Picidae, family Picidae; Capitonidae, family Capitonidae; Bucconidae, family Bucconidae; Indicatoridae, family Indicatoridae; Galbulidae, family Galbulidae; Ramphastidae, family Ramphastidae; Trogonidae, family Trogonidae; Anatidae, family Anatidae; Merginae, subfamily Merginae; Anserinae, subfamily Anserinae; Anhimidae, family Anhimidae; Ciconiidae, family Ciconiidae; Balaenicipitidae, family Balaenicipitidae; Threskiornithidae, family Threskiornithidae, family Ibidiidae; Plataleidae, family Plataleidae; Phoenicopteridae, family Phoenicopteridae; Ardeidae, family Ardeidae; Gruidae, family Gruidae; Cariamidae, family Cariamidae; Rallidae, family Rallidae; Otididae, family Otididae; Turnicidae, family Turnicidae; Psophiidae, family Psophiidae; Charadriidae, family Charadriidae; Scolopacidae, family Scolopacidae; Recurvirostridae, family Recurvirostridae; Haematopodidae, family Haematopodidae; Phalaropidae, family Phalaropidae; Glareolidae, family Glareolidae; Burhinidae, family Burhinidae; Laridae, family Laridae; Sterninae, subfamily Sterninae; Rynchopidae, family Rynchopidae; Stercorariidae, family Stercorariidae; Alcidae, family Alcidae; Gavidae, family Gavidae; Podicipedidae, family Podicipedidae; Pelecanidae, family Pelecanidae; Fregatidae, family Fregatidae; Sulidae, family Sulidae; Phalacrocoracidae, family Phalacrocoracidae; Anhingidae, family Anhingidae; Phaethontidae, family Phaethontidae; Spheniscidae, family Spheniscidae; Diomedeidae, family Diomedeidae; Procellariidae, family Procellariidae; Hydrobatidae, family Hydrobatidae; Pelecanoididae, family Pelecanoididae
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