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Belli- is a prefix derived from the Latin word "bellum," meaning war or fighting. It is used to indicate something related to war or combat.

Parts of Speech:

  • Prefix


  • Sense 1: Relating to war or combat


Popular Usage:

- Bellipotent: (adjective) Having great power or might in war.

- Bellisarian: (adjective) Relating to the military or war strategies.

- Belliform: (adjective) Having the shape or appearance of a war-related object.

Local Usage:

- Bellifaction: (noun) The act of preparing for war or combat.

- Bellitrooper: (noun) A skilled and well-equipped soldier.

- Bellilock: (noun) A type of weapon made specifically for war purposes.

Sample Sentences:

Popular Usage:

  1. His bellipotent army conquered the enemy without much difficulty.
  2. The general's decisions were always strategic and bellisarian in nature.
  3. The artist designed a belliform sculpture resembling a weapon used in ancient warfare.

Local Usage:

  1. The bellifaction of the country made its neighboring nations wary.
  2. The specialized training and gear made him a skilled bellitrooper.
  3. The ancient tribe possessed a unique bellilock that symbolized their heritage.

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