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Definitions from WordNet

Noun beldame has 2 senses
  1. hag, beldam, beldame, witch, crone - an ugly evil-looking old woman
    --1 is a kind of old woman
  2. beldam, beldame - a woman of advanced age
    --2 is a kind of old woman

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Sense 1: An old woman, especially one who is considered ugly, withered, or cantankerous.
Example sentence: The beldame lived alone in the spooky house on the hill.


Sense 2: A witch or sorceress, typically portrayed as evil and practicing dark arts.
Example sentence: The beldame summoned her powers to cast a spell on her enemies.


Sense 3: A term used to refer to an elderly lady, usually in a respectful or affectionate manner.
Example sentence: The villagers loved their beloved beldame, who always had wise words to offer.

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