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basset oboe


Definitions from WordNet

Noun basset oboe has 1 sense
  1. heckelphone, basset oboe - a oboe pitched an octave below the ordinary oboe
    --1 is a kind of oboe, hautboy, hautbois

Definitions from the Web

Basset Oboe

Definition: The basset oboe is a musical instrument that belongs to the woodwind family. It is a variant of the oboe, featuring a longer body and additional keys to extend its range.


Sense 1:

Part of Speech: Noun

Definition: A woodwind instrument that resembles an oboe but is longer in size and has additional keys to produce lower notes.

Example: The basset oboe is often used in classical orchestras to add richness to the sound.

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Sense 2:

Part of Speech: Adjective

Definition: Referring to or characteristic of the basset oboe.

Example: The basset oboe section played a hauntingly beautiful melody during the concert.

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Sense 3:

Part of Speech: Verb

Definition: To play or perform using a basset oboe.

Example: The skilled musician basset oboed her solo effortlessly.

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