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baseball bat


Definitions from WordNet

Noun baseball bat has 1 sense
  1. baseball bat, lumber - an implement used in baseball by the batter
    --1 is a kind of bat; baseball equipment
    --1 has parts: handle, grip, handgrip, hold

Definitions from the Web

Baseball Bat


A baseball bat is a long, cylindrical wooden or metal instrument used in the game of baseball to hit the ball.

Parts of Speech:

  • Noun


  1. A club used in the game of baseball
  2. A baseball bat-shaped implement or tool



  1. He swung the baseball bat with precision and hit a home run.
  2. Players should always hold the baseball bat with both hands.
  3. John's favorite baseball bat is made of ash wood.


  1. In our local league, players are only allowed to use wooden baseball bats.
  2. She lent me her baseball bat for the game because mine broke.
  3. Local artisans carve and sell beautifully designed baseball bat souvenirs.

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