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Part of Speech: Adjective

Senses and Usages:

1. Prehistoric or extremely old-fashioned

Meaning: Belonging to a time before the biblical flood; incredibly ancient or old-fashioned.


  • The archeological site contains evidence of antedeluvian civilizations.
  • Her taste in music is so antedeluvian; she only listens to vinyl records.
2. Very old or outdated

Meaning: Referring to something that is antiquated or obsolete.


  • His antedeluvian computer is slower than a snail.
  • This antedeluvian law needs to be updated to reflect current societal norms.
3. Something from the distant past

Meaning: Describing an object, concept, or idea that stems from a time long ago.


  • The museum has a collection of antedeluvian artifacts and relics.
  • The ancestors used antedeluvian tools to survive in harsh conditions.

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