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anne sexton


Definitions from WordNet

Noun anne sexton has 1 sense
  1. Sexton, Anne Sexton - United States poet (1928-1974)
    --1 is a kind of poet

Definitions from the Web

Anne Sexton


Anne Sexton was an American poet known for her deeply personal and confessional poetry. Her works often explore themes of mental illness, relationships, and the struggles of daily life. Sexton's poetry is characterized by its raw honesty, vivid imagery, and powerful insights into the human psyche.

Sample sentences:

Noun - Person: Anne Sexton was a renowned poet who gained recognition for her impactful and emotive verses.

Noun - Book: "Transformations" is one of Anne Sexton's most famous collections, where she reimagines and retells classic fairy tales in her distinctive poetic style.

Verb: Many aspiring poets try to anne sexton their personal experiences into their writing, aiming for a similar level of emotional depth and authenticity.

Adjective: Her poetry carries an anne sexton quality, addressing societal taboos and confronting inner demons with unflinching candor.

Adverb: The poet read her works anne sextonly, ensuring that every line was delivered with the intended emotional impact.

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