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amphibian family

Noun amphibian family has 1 sense
  1. amphibian family - any family of amphibians
    --1 is a kind of
    --1 is a member of
     Vertebrata, subphylum Vertebrata, Craniata, subphylum Craniata
    --1 has particulars:
     Salamandridae, family Salamandridae; Ambystomatidae, family Ambystomatidae; Cryptobranchidae, family Cryptobranchidae; Dicamptodontidae, family Dicamptodontidae; Plethodontidae, family Plethodontidae; Amphiumidae, family Amphiumidae; Sirenidae, family Sirenidae; Ranidae, family Ranidae; Leptodactylidae, family Leptodactylidae; Polypedatidae, family Polypedatidae; Ascaphidae, family Ascaphidae; Leiopelmatidae, family Leiopelmatidae, Liopelmidae, family Liopelmidae; Bufonidae, family Bufonidae; Discoglossidae, family Discoglossidae; Pelobatidae, family Pelobatidae; Hylidae, family Hylidae; Microhylidae, family Microhylidae, Brevicipitidae, family Brevicipitidae; Pipidae, family Pipidae; Xenopodidae, family Xenopodidae; Caeciliidae, family Caeciliidae, Caeciliadae, family Caeciliadae
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