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american stock exchange


Definitions from WordNet

Noun american stock exchange has 1 sense
  1. American Stock Exchange, AMEX, Curb - a stock exchange in New York
    --1 is a kind of stock exchange, stock market, securities market

Definitions from the Web

American Stock Exchange


The American Stock Exchange (AMEX), also known as NYSE American, is a stock exchange that operated in the United States from 1908 until 2017. It was known for listing small and mid-sized companies, providing investors with opportunities to trade stocks, options, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The AMEX was a crucial component of the financial markets, offering an alternative to the larger stock exchanges.

Senses and Usages:

Sense 1 - Stock Exchange:

The American Stock Exchange was a marketplace where investors traded equities, options, and ETFs.

Example Sentence: Many small businesses choose to list their stocks on the American Stock Exchange.

Sense 2 - Historical Perspective:

The American Stock Exchange played a significant role in the history of the U.S. financial markets as a leading exchange for smaller companies.

Example Sentence: The American Stock Exchange emerged as an alternative to the New York Stock Exchange for small-cap companies.

Sense 3 - NYSE American:

NYSE American is the modern successor to the American Stock Exchange, serving as an alternative exchange within the New York Stock Exchange's network.

Example Sentence: Investors can access a wide range of investment opportunities through NYSE American, formerly known as the American Stock Exchange.

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