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all over

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Adjective all over has 1 sense
  1. allover - covering the entire surface; "an allover pattern"; "got an allover tan"
    Antonyms: 1 sense of allover , allover
    Antonym: unfinished (indirect, via finished)
    Antonyms: incomplete, uncomplete (indirect, via complete)
    Antonym: incomplete (indirect, via complete)
Adverbial all over has 2 senses
  1. all over - over the entire area; "the wallpaper was covered all over with flowers"; "felt tired all over"
  2. everywhere, everyplace, all over - to or in any or all places; "You find fast food stores everywhere"; "people everywhere are becoming aware of the problem"; "he carried a gun everywhere he went"; "looked all over for a suitable gift"; (`everyplace' is used informally for `everywhere')
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