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Noun aesculapius has 1 sense
  1. Aesculapius - the god of medicine and healing
    --1 is a kind of
    Greco-Roman deity, Graeco-Roman deity

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Aesculapius refers to the Greek god of medicine and healing or can also denote a genus of snakes commonly known as non-venomous green snakes. Additionally, Aesculapius may refer to medical practices or institutions associated with healing and healthcare.

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Example as a Greek god:

Serena believed in Aesculapius and frequently visited his temple to seek divine intervention for her father's ailing health.

Example as a genus of snakes:

The aesculapius snake is widely known for its vibrant green color and gentle nature.

Example regarding medical practices or institutions:

Dr. Smith dedicated his entire career to the principles taught by Aesculapius, focusing on holistic healing and patient well-being.

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