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activity partner


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Activity Partner


An activity partner refers to a person with whom one engages in various recreational or social activities. These partners are individuals who participate in shared interests and hobbies, providing companionship and a shared experience.


  • Sense 1: A companion or friend who accompanies someone in recreational activities or hobbies.
  • Sense 2: An individual with whom one engages in physical exercises or workouts.
  • Sense 3: A person who shares interests and engages in social activities.


Popular: Many people look for activity partners to enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, or camping together.

Local: In small communities, locals often seek activity partners to participate in activities like book clubs, community events, or cooking classes.

Sample Sentences:

  • I joined a local hiking group to find an activity partner who shares my love for nature.
  • After moving to a new city, I decided to find an activity partner to explore the local art scene.
  • If you enjoy running, consider finding an activity partner who can motivate you to stay consistent.

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