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Term: activismo

Part of Speech: Noun

Sense 1: The active promotion or support of a cause, policy, or movement.

Example Sentence: Many young people engage in activismo to raise awareness about climate change.

Sense 2: Social or political activism, often involving demonstrations or protests.

Example Sentence: The activismo of the students led to significant changes in the education system.

Sense 3: Advocacy for the rights of marginalized individuals or groups.

Example Sentence: Her activismo focused on fighting for equal opportunities for people with disabilities.

Part of Speech: Noun (Local Term)

Sense 1: Grassroots community involvement and social movements specific to a particular local area.

Example Sentence: The activismo within the neighborhood successfully lobbied for the creation of a local park.

Sense 2: Local activism aimed at improving the quality of life within a specific region.

Example Sentence: The activismo in the town focused on revitalizing the economy and creating job opportunities.

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